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Chat app

Create your brand messaging app like WhatsApp or Messenger or Telegram and go live within 4 weeks.

Core features:

  • Phone number based registration
  • Multimedia Messaging - Text, Images, doc Attachments, Audio & Video
  • Scalable Client & Server
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Event app

An attendee centric mobile app for Events

Core features:

  • Messaging to collaborate with fellow attendees and event organizers
  • Gamification to engage attendees to a new level
  • Whitelabel branded app
  • Digital tickets to remain contact less
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Loyalty app

Turn your shoppers into a regular with your branded loyalty app.

Core features:

  • Rewards can be designed as points or engagement badges
  • Leaderboard and gamification
  • Customize it for employees or customers

Video conferencing

Video Connect with your employees, prospects & customers.

Core features:

  • Conferencing and collaboration up to 50 users
  • Anybody can join on App or link (with a browser)
  • 1:1 native audio/video calls with ring tone
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Banking app

  • Modernize your last mile customer engagement - banking 2.0
  • Reduce your customer support bills by 70%
  • Integrate your existing banking software and support bots easily
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