Task Board

Collaborate, Visualize, Control and Optimize task in real-time with the entire team, no matter where they are.

Development Teams

  • Whether building an app, fixing bugs, or updating your app, keep all the distributed tasks for your team of developers in one place with the task board
  • Keep everyone accountable and on track with the development board

Sales Teams

  • Give your sales team a new perspective with Task board as your CRM tool
  • Keep up to date on leads and where potential sales are in the pipeline

IT Support Teams

  • Having a task board for IT support team makes it easy and familiar for people to use
  • If support staff follows the task board, he would know what was already done what next to be done

Employee Onboarding

  • Use task board to onboard new hires without hick-ups
  • Speed up process with all the information easily accessible


Recurring Tasks
See Completed Tasks by Date
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