Thingz Data

Take Control of Your Things Data

Real-time streaming data collection, transformation, and management system that can collect data from millions of devices, lower your storage costs by 50x, supporting blazingly fast real-time query for AI and analytics.

A Leading Platform for Real-Time Data Streaming and IoT Solutions


Connect, Collect, and Store at Scale


Get started 15 mins


IoT Devices In millions


Lower storage cost >50x


Compute Horizontal & vertical scaling


Cloud Native No vendor lock-in


Custom code extensions SQL, Python


Storage Scale to petabytes


Scalability Billions of messages

Edge ready

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Digital twins

Gain insight to make better decisions by Mimicking real situations and outcomes.

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Real-time processing closer to things

Collect, Process, and Analyze data as it is generated Make decisions quickly and intelligently based on the most recent data available.

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Reduce costs on cloud ingress and egress

Storage cost reduced by 50x, Connect and collect data efficiently, and use it for real-time analytics and reporting.

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Seamless management from the cloud

Monitor and maximize the efficiency of using one or more private or public clouds.

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Super app with powers

Connecting Possibilities, One Byte at a Time while Solving IT Complexities with Simplicity, our app helps you turn Data into Decisions at your fingertips.

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Outcomes of Use Cases

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Preventive maintenance

Protect your business from service downtime and reduce costs associated with breakage. IOT constantly monitors equipment conditions to predict issues and maintenance is performed only when it is actually required helping businesses avoid unnecessary maintenance expenses.

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High value asset data management

Without management, all types of data assets quickly become liabilities. Acquire, track, utilize, optimize, and leverage data assets to create value remotely.

  • Reduced Asset downtime and ensured continuous operation.
  • Improved Asset Security reducing theft and unauthorized use risks.
  • Maximize asset efficiency and reduce operational inefficiencies.
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Temperature control

Use Remote Monitoring and Advanced Analytics to revolutionize your business. Temperature plays a crucial role in defining the quality of the products and our system.

  • Monitors the temperature of items being transported in real-time.
  • Offers Productivity improvement with advanced analytics.
  • Saves time with instant notifications and alerts
  • Offers Accessibility from remote locations.

What Our Clients Say About Mongrov

We successfully modernized our field service solution through the Mongrov platform and services in record time. The system is now live in APAC, boasting over a thousand field engineers actively using it on a daily basis.


Rising Star, Great User Experience & Featured Product Awards.