About us

Mongrov, Inc. (mongrov.com) is a technology organization headquartered in California, US with teams across the globe.


We are your strategic digital consultancy partner facilitating fast, valuable, and enriching digital transformations. If you have reached our page, you are looking for growth. We ensure that you outpace others and yourself with our data-driven AI, IoT, and cloud solutions.

We want you to dream big and let your insights fly high. With the most advanced and extensive IOT data consulting solutions, we help you up your game and reshape the future of your business. Our focus is on developing solutions that are mobile-first and engage customers. Collaboration, appointments, digital assets, community, and care are just a few of the various aspects of customer engagement. Businesses can personalize, customize, and integrate it with existing systems.

From strategizing your future to implementing technologies to tracking outcomes, we have your back. The future is not too far ahead; you just need to be fast and sure. That’s where we come in. We provide digital innovation solutions to make the future possible for you.

The bottom line is to help businesses, engage more with customers and reduce costs.

Next-Gen IoT Solutions

Pushing The Boundaries of Technology with Cutting Edge IT Solutions Focused on IOT

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IoT & Network management

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Our Mission

To enable businesses to leverage and manage data from things, people & processes in real time.

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Our Vision

We envision a future where IoT data is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of life, driving efficiency, sustainability, and growth.

Our Values

Our daily lives are an expression of our core values



Our expertise in crafting solutions for our clients is paralleled only by our imagination.


Future Mindedness

We make sure that you are either a market leader or a game changer in your industry. Anything else and it doesn’t excite us.


Collective Responsibility

We believe that success is amplified when it is a win-win for “ALL” stakeholders. We believe that together we make each other’s lives easier and far more interesting.

Our Ethics

Our customers benefit from the latest technology trends because we are always ahead of what businesses need.

At Mongrov, we are propelled by a robust people strategy that aligns with our business goals. We are committed to effectuating employment equality, diversity, inclusion, the confidentiality of information, and employee privacy.

Building a strong relationship with our customers, consultants, contractors, and suppliers, and developing a productive work environment is Mongrov’s key principle.

Not just working together, but learning together and growing together is our way to create groundbreaking solutions. We are built on mutual trust and respect.

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