System Integrators Partners

At Mongrov, we understand the challenges system integrators face. You're on the frontlines of IoT innovation, working with clients to develop groundbreaking solutions. But complex data management, tight timelines, and resource constraints can slow you down.

Become a Partner

That's where Mongrov comes in. We're your trusted partner, empowering you to deliver exceptional IoT projects faster and more efficiently. Leverage our comprehensive suite of solutions and expertise to:


Focus on Client Impact

Offload the burden of complex data management to us. Our robust platform, ThingzCloud, handles the heavy lifting, freeing you to focus on client relationships, strategic solution design, and business value realization.


Customizable Support

Don't go it alone. Our team of experts provides dedicated support throughout your entire project lifecycle. We ensure your client's needs are heard and understood, prepare you for your initial PoC, and help you scale seamlessly to a full- fledged deployment.


Reduce Time to Market

No more starting from scratch. Our library of cross-domain and cross-product ready-to-use solutions lets you rapidly prototype and deploy IoT applications, getting your clients to market faster. These pre-built solutions cover a wide range of use cases, from asset tracking and remote monitoring to sensor data analysis and predictive maintenance. With minimal configuration, you can quickly tailor them to your client's specific needs and deploy them in a fraction of the time compared to traditional development methods.


Unparalleled Flexibility

Our solutions are highly customizable. Adapt them to any use case and client requirement, ensuring a perfect fit for every project. ThingzCloud's open APIs allow for deep integration with existing systems, while ThingzApp, our highly customizable mobile app development tool, empowers you to create user-friendly interfaces tailored to specific client needs. Need data processing power at the edge? NearThingz, our ultra-compact edge computing device, allows for real-time data analysis and local control decisions, without the latency of cloud communication.


Cross-Domain Expertise

Whether you're revolutionizing smart cities or tracking tigers in the jungle, Mongrov is your partner across domains. We take a genuine interest in every industry you work in, understanding its unique challenges and crafting technological solutions that deliver a strong value proposition. We recognize you as the expert in your domain, and we leverage our expertise in IoT technologies to find the perfect intersection, creating groundbreaking solutions together.


Justify ROI and Secure Project Approval

Here's where Mongrov stands out. We understand that for most Proof of Concepts (POCs) to convert to full-scale projects, a clear justification of Return on Investment (ROI) is crucial. We bring to the table our rich historical experience in demonstrating ROI for IoT projects, both technically and in business terms. Our team can help you translate complex data insights into actionable recommendations, demonstrating the quantifiable benefits your client's project will deliver. This empowers you to confidently present a compelling business case and secure project approval.

Proven Success with System Integrators Worldwide

At Mongrov, we're proud to collaborate with leading system integrators around the globe. Here's what some of our partners have to say:

ThingzCloud's flexibility and ease of use were game changers for our smart factory project. We were able to deploy a robust solution in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Mongrov's partnership approach is invaluable. Their expertise in data management allowed us to focus on developing a user-centric interface for our client's connected building solution.

NearThingz has been a game-changer for our car dealership operations. By enabling real-time tracking and health monitoring of every vehicle on our lot, we've streamlined inventory management and improved customer service. Mongrov's support throughout the entire implementation process was exceptional.