ThingzCloud simplifies managing your network of IoT devices, no matter how big it gets. This powerful cloud platform handles everything from seamlessly connecting millions of devices to collecting and storing the massive amounts of data they generate.

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What makes ThingzCloud stand out?


Effortless Scalability & Storage

ThingzCloud grows with you, automatically adjusting to handle increasing data volumes. Choose the cloud platform that fits your needs (AWS, Azure, etc.) and benefit from data compression that significantly reduces storage costs. Scale effortlessly without worrying about breaking the bank.


Real-Time Insights Made Easy

Get valuable insights from your data the moment it's generated. ThingzCloud analyzes data with minimal delay and allows you to run complex queries on live data streams. Plus, customize data processing pipelines using familiar languages like SQL and Python to tailor the system to your specific needs.

Effortless Management

Effortless Management & Seamless Integration:

ThingzCloud's user-friendly interface makes managing your data a breeze. Effortlessly configure and monitor your devices, regardless of manufacturer or protocol. Furthermore, ThingzCloud seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, allowing you to transfer data to any endpoint for further analysis.

Scalability Benefits


Billions of Messages Managed

Handle massive data volumes with ThingzCloud's distributed architecture, ideal for large-scale IoT deployments.


On-Demand Scaling

Scale processing power up or down as needed to adapt to changing data streams. This ensures optimal performance and resource utilization.


Cloud Agnostic

Deploy ThingzCloud on any cloud platform of your choice – AWS, Azure, among others for maximum flexibility and to avoid vendor lock-in.


Simplified Serverless Architecture

Eliminate manual server management. ThingzCloud scales automatically, freeing up resources for data analysis and development.


Minimized Storage Cost

ThingzCloud utilizes data compression and storage algorithms to significantly reduce your data storage costs (up to 50x)

Data Processing Benefits


Microsecond Latency Streaming

Process and analyze data from your IoT devices as they arrive, enabling real-time decision-making.


Fast Stream Querying

Run complex queries on live data streams with minimal delay, getting insights from your data instantly.


Customizable Data Processing

Extend ThingzCloud with custom code written in familiar languages like SQL and Python. Tailor data processing pipelines to your specific needs.

IoT Data Management Benefits


Effortless Device Management

ThingzCloud simplifies managing your vast network of IoT devices. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy configuration and monitoring, regardless of manufacturer or protocol. This eliminates compatibility headaches and streamlines your data management process.


Endless Integration Capabilities

ThingzCloud opens up endless avenues for data analytics by transporting your processed data to any endpoint you choose. Be it your own data Lakehouse or just any server out there using any internet protocol, ThingzCloud can securely connect and transport your data, enabling further advanced analytics for your specific needs.


Automate Actions on Events

ThingzCloud goes beyond secure data transport to your chosen endpoint. It empowers you to build custom automation flows. This allows you to extract actionable data and trigger automated responses within service systems like ServiceNow or Oracle, based on real-time events. Streamline your operations and react proactively to critical situations with ThingzCloud's powerful automation engine.

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