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Simplify Building Management with Powerful IoT Solutions Powered by ThingzCloud

Managing a building can be complex, juggling multiple systems like heating, ventilation, lighting, and security. Our innovative Building Management System (BMS) infrastructure, powered by ThingzCloud, makes things easier. Here's how:


Effortless Data Collection with ThingzCloud

Forget manual data entry and unreliable readings. ThingzCloud automatically collects sensor data from your building equipment, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.


Real-Time Visibility

Monitor key building parameters like temperature, humidity, and energy consumption in real-time. This lets you identify potential issues quickly and make informed decisions.


Simplified System Integration

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with existing building systems, eliminating the need for complex installations and configurations.


Remote Management

Control and adjust building systems remotely using a user-friendly interface. This saves time and resources compared to manual adjustments.


Automated Alerts

Receive instant notifications for equipment malfunctions, security breaches, or environmental changes that require attention. This allows for prompt action to prevent problems from escalating.


Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights from historical and real-time data collected by ThingzCloud. Identify trends, optimize energy usage, and predict equipment maintenance needs.

Benefits You Can Count On


Reduced Costs

Save money on energy bills with optimized equipment operation and minimized energy waste.


Improved Efficiency

Streamline building operations with automated systems and remote management capabilities.


Increased Security

Gain peace of mind with real-time monitoring and instant alerts for security breaches.


Enhanced Comfort

Maintain a comfortable and healthy environment for occupants by precisely controlling temperature, ventilation, and lighting.


Simplified Maintenance

Predict equipment issues before they occur, allowing for proactive maintenance and preventing costly downtime.

Mongrov: The Key to Effortless BMS

Simplify building management with Mongrov's suite of IoT solutions. ThingzCloud, the central nervous system, seamlessly collects and analyses data. NearThingz, the universal translator, bridges communication gaps between diverse equipment. ThingzApp provides a unified workflow for facility managers, tenants, and security personnel. This powerful trio empowers you to optimize energy usage, streamline operations, and ensure occupant comfort and security – all through a single, user-friendly platform.


Let Us Help You Build Smarter

Our BMS infrastructure solutions powered by ThingzCloud are designed to empower facility managers with the tools they need to manage buildings efficiently and effortlessly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can simplify your BMS experience and unlock the power of connected buildings.


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