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Mongrov in Nutshell

Mongrov, Inc. (mongrov.com) is a technology organization headquartered in California, US with teams across the globe.

Our focus is on developing solutions that are mobile-first and engage customers. Collaboration, appointments, digital assets, community, and care are just a few of the various aspects of customer engagement. Businesses can personalize, customize, and integrate it with existing systems.

The bottom line is to help businesses, engage more with customers and reduce costs.


Why work here?

The perks of being a Mongrovian

We prioritize the development of our employees, foster professional growth, impart new knowledge, and provide ample opportunities for advancement. Mutual growth is made possible through the collaborative office environment and interactions with colleagues.

  • Regular knowledge-sharing sessions with our global team.
  • Assured the fastest career growth for deserving performers.
  • Rewarding employee referral programs are encouraged and appreciated.
  • A culture that encourages you to express yourself in an open and informal setting.
  • Time to time team lunches, get-togethers, and events.
  • Performance recognition awards are given to inspire and motivate all.
  • Lucrative allowances and perks.

Employee Testimonials

Joining Mongrov has truly transformed my career. With abundant learning opportunities, exposure to new technologies, and engaging projects, I've seen remarkable growth, both professionally and personally in a flexible work environment that feels like an adventure. making it perfect for ambitious individuals seeking to thrive in technology

Mongrov has been an incredible platform for my professional growth as a React Native developer. With a dynamic environment that encourages learning new technologies and tackling exciting challenges, I've honed my skills while contributing to innovative mobile app development projects. Proud to be a part of such a forward-thinking company!