Stalwarts of Mongrov

Take a look at our zestful leaders who are the backbone of Mongrov with outstanding proficiency in delivering phenomenal results.


Our advisors

Giuseppe Porcelli

Business Development


Strategy & Business Development

Norman Shi


Sergiy Matusevych

Artificial Intelligence

Our Team

Eyal Arasu


Sachin Swami

Director Marketing - Global

Moinullah Ansari

VP Product Management

Ezhil Arasu

VP Engineering

The torchbearers of innovation and excellence!

Mongrov’s leadership team embodies the highest degree of technical champions. They are the driving force in effectuating automation with futuristic operational approaches. The founding members and key management executives constantly steer towards developing innovative solutions and surpassing the client’s expectations. Pursuing a “customer first” style of modus operandi is the foundation on which our leaders have built Mongrov. Our pioneers are en route towards continuous amelioration of knowledge and performance to offer users a stellar experience.