Manage Your Assets with Ease with Asset Tracking Device and Management System

The Power of Asset Tracking Solution

Streamline and optimize your asset management process with ease. Now, you do not have to follow the manual way to track your assets. Since our tailored solution can make the process simpler and quicker. So, take control of your asset by using our advanced asset tracking software and use it to your advantage now!

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Features of Our Asset Tracking System

Stay Ahead and Streamline Operations Easily

We designed our asset tracking software with high efficiency and your success in mind. So, bid goodbye to your fear of losing, replacing, or missing assets and say hello to real-time precise asset tracking.


Simplicity Is At Our Core

Our user-friendly interface makes asset tracking intuitive and super simple. This ensures quick adoption across any kind of organization.


Flexibility for Getting Maximum Value

Whether you are looking for a solution with advanced features or want basic tracking, use our asset tracking software. We can customize it for you to meet your specific requirements.


We Guarantee Durability

Our asset tracking device can withstand the industry demands. It provides durability and reliability you can count on.

Transforming Chaos to Control

Our Asset Tracking Solutions Benefits

Taking control of your asset tracking process will feel like a breeze with our asset tracking solution.

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Asset Security

Our IoT enabled asset tracking solution can help prevent misuse and theft of your assets. With real-time monitoring and control capabilities, gain insights into the usage patterns of your assets at any time.

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Centralized Assets Management

Get the power to manage your assets properly with our centralized assets management solution. Have better control, more efficiency in resource allocation, and reduce the chances of errors.

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Improved Asset Maintenance

Always be on top when it comes to deciding maintenance schedules. With automated reminders and notifications, track your inventory easily.

Industries We Serve

Our asset tracking software served several industries, including:



With our asset tracking device, hospitals can ensure efficient asset management. Now, tracking medical samples' movement, high-risk patients, and medical equipment is easy.


Rental Industry

Keep your eyes on the rental equipment with our advanced solution. Reduce the chances of unwanted equipment loss and improve profitability.


Parking Lots

With our gps and fleet tracking solution, easily monitor the parking lots with our real-time feature. Locate your car if it gets lost or stolen and have it back.



Track your products and valuable source materials with inventory tracking system. Optimize your product line and reduce downtime.



Keep checking the assets in the military and allocate soldiers efficiently. Ensure readiness for all mission-critical operations.

Reliable Hardware Solution for Accurate Asset Tracking: Future-proof Your Business

Invest in our feature-rich and advanced asset-tracking software and take your business to a new height. Ensure long-term success with us and operate everything smoothly. Our team of experts will always be there to help you and address any rising concerns. So, stop thinking and take action now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Asset tracking system helps organizations to efficiently monitor important data of their physical assets by utilizing tags and barcode scanners that broadcast their location via GPS or RFID.

Asset tracking system helps companies to efficiently monitor, gather and preserve information of company’s assets. This data includes maintenance reports, asset use, physical location, and associated downtime and costs.

The location and status of assets can be managed in real-time with IoT asset tracking by using GPS and fleet tracking technologies. Through its use, enterprises can enhance productivity, safety, and resource efficiency.

To provide comprehensive insights into asset management and utilization. An IoT asset tracking system always keeps records of mobility area, location, usage patterns, environmental conditions, and maintenance schedules.

For choosing the right asset tracking system for your business then carefully research vendors' track records, customer reviews, interoperability, scalability, security features and integration capabilities for informed decision-making.

Mongrov's IoT asset tracking system excels with customizable features, seamless integration, and real-time monitoring. It prioritizes user-centricity, robust analytics, scalability, and accuracy for efficient asset management.

For the IoT asset monitoring system, Mongrov uses encryption methods, access limits, and frequent security assessments to guarantee strong data protection, prevent unauthorized access and cyber threats.

This program provides timely updates on the location of the assets, reduces the chances of making mistakes while monitoring the guide, and simplifies the management of inventories. Meanwhile, it can be argued that the employment of asset tracking software may protect your agenda, enable faster identification of the goods’ location, and reduce the risk of theft or loss. But in the above case, this performance reduces the operating expenses as well as time and money that might have been used in carrying out surgeries with the potential of incurring high expenses.

Indoor asset tracking refers to the identification of the position, condition, or status of items in a facility. Mongrov provides clients with sophisticated methods for tracking assets to increase their awareness and properly manage them. The specific system is designed in such a way that one can track the indoor assets in real-time, thus increasing the efficiency of the tracking system.

A fleet monitoring device is a gizmo that utilizes GPS generation with a view to displaying information with reference to the position, motion, and condition of cars. It facilitates the implementation of proper logistics for owned vehicles to reduce expenditures and increase productivity. Furthermore, the fleet tracking solutions can also be linked with the solutions that track other assets as well as resources. For the assets that are within structures, indoor asset tracking is applied for accurate tracking. All in all, a fleet tracking system is a crucial tool for efficient fleet as well as asset management.

Fleet management GPS trackers have numerous advantages for their users. Through real-time updates of the vehicle’s location, it facilitates accurate route planning and the overall amount of gas used. Other benefits include increased security and reduced theft since one can trace the car’s location in case of a theft. GPS asset tracking is also used in monitoring the activities of the fleet, driver conduct, and usage of the vehicle. Also, since information on vehicle condition and usage can easily be obtained, the scheduling of protection is made easier, resulting in fewer interruptions and a longer vehicle life.