Overview of NearThingz

NearThingz is an IoT edge processing solution tailored to enhance IoT data management by processing information right where it's generated, instead of relying on distant, centralized data centres. This approach enables NearThingz to quickly filter and aggregate data, ensuring that only relevant data is processed and transmitted. This reduces network congestion and optimizes both data storage and analysis.

By enabling quick, localized processing of IoT data, NearThingz speeds up the transformation of large data streams into actionable insights, significantly boosting response times and improving operational efficiency.

Key Features

Diverse Protocol Communication (Connect)

NearThingz excels in understanding and interpreting a variety of protocol languages, enabling it to ingest data from diverse IoT devices.

Massive Data Handling (Collect)

It capably manages and processes large data volumes, ensuring quick, complete data capture without delays. This strong data handling is essential for reliable and efficient IoT systems, especially where data is rapidly produced.

Intelligent Data Transformation (Store)

NearThingz uses advanced algorithms to efficiently sift through large data volumes, removing unnecessary information. This significantly cuts down the data sent to the cloud, ensuring that only vital information is streamed and stored.

Cost Benefits


Lowered Bandwidth Usage

By streaming only critical information to the cloud, NearThingz decreases the volume of data sent over the internet. This selective transmission approach leads to substantial cost savings on data transfer and bandwidth usage.


Simpler Cloud Processing

When less data is streamed to the cloud, there's less computational demand, reducing the need for high-powered processing machines. This allows businesses to utilize more affordable, lower-spec machines, effectively cutting costs while still meeting their data processing needs.


Lowered Storage Requirements

NearThingz's intelligent filtering significantly reduces the amount of data stored in the cloud. By transmitting only essential data, the potential storage volume, which would otherwise be enormous, is greatly minimized. This reduction not only lowers storage costs but also simplifies data management.

Performance Benefits


Faster Data Retrieval

With less data being stored in the cloud, database queries can be executed more rapidly. This increase in query speed boosts the performance of applications relying on this data, leading to an enhanced user experience through quicker access to necessary information and smoother interactions.


Instantaneous Data-Driven Action

NearThingz boosts support for ultra-low latency use cases by processing data directly on the device, eliminating delays from sending data to a central server. This local processing significantly speeds up the data loop, enabling immediate responses based on real-time analysis. This is crucial for time- sensitive applications like automated manufacturing or emergency response systems, where delays can lead to serious consequences.


Advanced Predictions & Control Mechanism

NearThingz features edge ML capabilities that allow it to learn from sensor data and predict future trends by analyzing patterns. This not only forecasts sensor outcomes but also enables rapid, on-site processing to take preventative actions immediately.


Secure and Local Data Management

NearThingz enhances data security by allowing IoT Systems to keep data on-premises, preventing sensitive information from being transmitted over the internet and reducing vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Additionally, in remote areas with limited internet access, NearThingz operates fully at the edge, providing a complete and reliable solution. This ensures effective data processing and security, even in locations with poor internet connectivity.