Healthcare Management

Despite significant advancements in healthcare, a critical gap remains delayed information about patient health and equipment status. The Internet of Things (IoT) steps in, offering a transformative solution with real-time data collection and analysis.

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Enhanced Hospital Operations and Equipment Management


Improved Efficiency

Sensor-tagged equipment like wheelchairs and defibrillators can be tracked in real-time, optimizing resource allocation and streamlining workflows.


Predictive Maintenance

IoT devices continuously monitor vital equipment parameters, enabling proactive maintenance and preventing costly downtime.


Infection Control

IoT-enabled hygiene monitoring systems help prevent the spread of infections within hospitals, creating a safer environment.


Environmental Monitoring

Real-time temperature and humidity control in refrigerators and other critical areas ensures optimal storage conditions for medications and supplies.

Empowering Patients with Continuous Monitoring


Personalized Care

Wearables and wireless health monitors provide patients with real- time health data, including blood pressure, heart rate, and glucose levels.


Improved Medication Adherence

Wearables can be programmed with medication reminders, ensuring patients stay on track with their treatment plans.


Remote Patient Monitoring

For patients with chronic conditions or recovering from surgery, IoT devices enable remote monitoring, allowing healthcare professionals to intervene proactively.


Peace of Mind for Families

For elderly patients living alone, wearables can track health vitals and send alerts to family members and caregivers in case of emergencies.

Timely Detection and Proactive Diagnosis

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Early Detection of Health Issues

Continuous health data allows for early identification of potential problems, enabling timely intervention and improved patient outcomes.

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Proactive Care Management

Physicians can leverage real-time data to personalize treatment plans and proactively address any health concerns.

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Remote Consultations

IoT facilitates virtual consultations, increasing patient access to healthcare and reducing hospital visits.

Challenges and Solutions:
Mongrov Advance Bridges the Gap

While the promise of IoT is undeniable, challenges remain before widespread adoption:

The healthcare industry utilizes a vast array of devices, each with its own communication protocol and language. This lack of standardization hinders seamless data flow, making it difficult for devices and platforms to talk to each other.

Solution by Mongrov:

NearThingz - acts as a bridge, connecting disparate devices and translating their data into a unified format. This enables seamless data flow and unlocks the capabilities of connected healthcare.

The enormous amount of data generated by connected healthcare devices can strain existing infrastructure. Robust data management systems are needed to collect, store, and analyze this data securely, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Solution by Mongrov:

NearThingz - Efficient Collection & Streaming: NearThingz collects and efficiently streams data to the cloud, minimizing local storage burden.

ThingzCloud - Secure Storage & Real-Time Analytics: ThingzCloud securely stores and performs real-time data transformation, enabling powerful analytics and integration with any endpoint.

The real-time nature of healthcare IoT data introduces unique challenges. Data needs to be acquired and analyzed quickly and reliably to inform critical decisions.

Solution by Mongrov:

NearThingz Edge AI - NearThingz leverages on-device AI for faster processing and real-time insights.

ThingzCloud - Blazing-Fast Processing: ThingzCloud delivers rapid data processing and response times, enabling real-time reporting and actions.

A lack of unified platforms hinders seamless integration for patients, doctors, and hospital equipment management.

Solution by Mongrov:

ThingzApp - tackles this challenge head-on by providing a custom workflow designed specifically for the healthcare industry. It caters to patients, doctors, and hospital operations, enabling a unified and efficient IoT experience.

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